How to Increase Web Traffic From Google Images

On July 20th, Google announced  their revamped and oh-so-nicer version of Google Images. The new layout now includes a more slick grid format, thumbnail previews when you hover over an image and up to 1,000 images per page. But it is something inspired from Bing also. 1,000 images is available on per page. So it is eary to get more image in one page. As you scroll down  on an image search results page, the page continues to populate itself with new image content. For the average user, after two minutes of browsing, they may feel like they are still on page 1 when in fact they are much deeper in Google’s image index (which now comes in at over 10 billion images). It is very easy to get more images in one page and zoom facility is also available to visit in large size. Through photo album you can easily promote your website and get image on first page. Whenever you upload image, you should not forget description of photo. This is the excellent way of crawling your photo and index in Google.


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